EPIC // Experienced People in Christ

We’re excited to introduce our first 55+ ministry, EPIC (Experienced People in Christ)!  If you are 55+ years young, this ministry is for you and about you. 

Contact Deb Edwards to learn more!  

debedwards8850@yahoo.com    //    (310) 502-6929

The EPIC Takeover Testimony Prep // September 16th at 10am

EPIC (Experienced People in Christ) is taking over our Wednesday night youth ministry, Echo SB, on October 15th, at 6pm at the Ministry Center (429 Richmond St.). If you’re 55+ and would like to worship and share your testimony with the next generation, signup with Deb Edwards at debedwards8850@yahoo.com, or (310) 502-6929, and mark your calendar to come to the pre-takeover meeting/prep on Saturday, September 16th, at 10am at the Ministry Center. 

“It’s going to be EPIC!”