Children's Ministry

"But Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.'”  

// Matthew 19:14 //

Seth McKenna //

  • Sunday children's church

    Our children enter into musical worship with their parents in the main auditorium at El Segundo High School at 10am. Before coming into the main auditorium, please check-in your children at our Children's Church table next to the Welcome Center in the front lobby. Once the musical worship is over, your children will be released to their respective classes. 

    Bridge Babies | 36 months and under

    Parents can drop off their children or are welcome to sit in the room with their children. We also welcome families with babies to sit toward the back of the auditorium in our main service!

    Treehouse | 3 yrs old - Kindergarten

    A fun and engaging class where children are introduced to God through age-appropriate learning.

    Bridge Kids | 1st - 4th Grade

    Our Bridge Kids play games, learn about God through interactive lessons, and engage in activities that reinforce what they've learned.

    Middle School: CLICK HERE

Sunday FAQs

Where do I pick my child up after service?  

You will pick your child up in our Children's Church area in the outdoor courtyard of the cafeteria, you'll see signs to follow!

What should my child wear?  

We are not a sit down classroom-style Sunday school. Kids move around, play fun games, and make crafts. We encourage your kids to dress comfortably!

How will I be notified if something happens to my child during service?

We’ll give you and your child a unique number when you check-in. If anything comes up during the service, you’ll see the number pop up on the screen during the service. Please follow the signs out to our Children's Church area (cafeteria) and talk to one of our Children's Church volunteers who will assist you. 

Do you change my kid's diapers?

No. If your children need to be changed you will see your number pop up on the main screen in the auditorium. You will then come and collect your child to change them.

How can I know my child is safe? 

All our volunteers are carefully vetted, background-checked, and trained.

Are you that church with the VBS?

Why yes... yes we are! Every-other year we host one of the biggest VBS programs in the South Bay -- completely free and entirely over-the-top in the most Godly way possible.