Echo South Bay // Middle & High Schoolers

We aim to see young people have an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ, grow in intimacy with the Lord, belong in community, and be empowered as leaders who can sustain and own the identity God has blessed them with. Follow us on Instagram to get updated info on what we're doing and upcoming events.

Wednesdays  at  7pm

Bridge Ministry Center (429 Richmond Street)

Seth McKenna //

Photo Credit:
 Abbey Williamson. See more of Abbey's work on Instagram: @LifeOfAbbs

Echo Sunday // Sunday Morning Class

Echo Sunday is our Sunday morning youth class (Middle and High Schoolers) during our 10am Sunday service at El Segundo High School (630 Main Street). 

After worshipping musically with everyone in the main auditorium, students are dismissed to their class to learn more about God through age-specific teaching!